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Methadone is a semi-synthetic substitute for heroin and other opiates, such as morphine, Oxycontin and other narcotic pain relievers. Individuals who are addicted to opiates suffer from painful and severe physical withdrawal symptoms when they are unable to satisfy their addiction. Methadone reduces those withdrawal symptoms for 24-36 hours, without causing the high associated with drug addiction. In addition to methadone medication, counseling provides the individual with health, social, and rehabilitative services.

CVRS offers methadone detoxification and methadone maintenance programs.
Methadone Detoxification
Methadone Maintenance
Maintenance programs are for individuals who do not wish to have a determined time frame to their treatment.  The stages of treatment are the same as in the detoxification program; however the time you spend in each phase is not predetermined.  You will also meet with your counselor regularly throughout your treatment.
Detoxification programs can range from 90 days - 180 days.  The length of your detoxification program will be determined by yourself, your counselor, and the Medical Director.  There are three stages to a methadone detoxification program:

1. Titration- During this time your daily amount of methadone will be slowly increased until you reach your blocking dose; this amount is different for everyone.

2. Stabilization- During this time you will remain at your blocking dose for a set amount of time to allow your body to adjust and start producing endorphins on its own again;

3. Taper- During this time you will slowly reduce your dose at a predetermined rate until you are no longer taking methadone.  Not all people will be determined that detoxification is right for them. It is a choice between the patient, physician and your counselor.

You will meet with a counselor regularly throughout your detoxification to aid in your rehabilitation. 

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